TIPS FOR BUYING A NEW VACUUM: Which vacuum cleaner should you buy?

Some of us find it annoying. Others can not do without; the vacuum cleaner. You can include dust, crumbs, and hair with a vacuum. Once we have to buy one in a while. But where do you pay attention to exactly? Find tips for the purchase of a new vacuum cleaner. I recommend reading shark vacuum reviews 2017 before purchasing.

Cantilever chair, the most well-known type of vacuum cleaner, which is low to the ground.
Upright vacuum cleaner, a kind of extended petty thief. The most well-known brands have a 2 in
One vacuum cleaner made by a vacuum cleaner and petty one.

Boiler cleaner, it can suck both wet and dry and the coarser work. Such as the aspiration of debris, and the cleaning of the garage.

Robot vacuum cleaner, this can be programmed to clean the house. He recharges itself via a charging station. They are becoming more efficient but are expensive.


If you buy a vacuum cleaner with a bag or bagless? The downside of a vacuum cleaner with the bag is that every so often bags to buy, but it is better to clean. A bagless vacuum cleaner it’s best to empty out. Other advantages of vacuum cleaners without bags that always suction equally high, they make less noise and better air filter. Often you can alleviate problems with smells coming from the vacuum cleaner. Nice to know is that all Miele vacuum cleaners have a bag and all his Dyson Bagless. Find a Miele vacuum here and a Dyson.


What is your budget? Want a vacuum of under 50 euros or you to have a budget of more than 200 euros. A Miele and Dyson fall quickly in the higher class, while Proline and Boston fall in the cheaper classes. Philips and Bosch are in between.


If you are allergic or you, have pets? Buy a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. This cleans the air better than an ordinary screen.

Do you have a large room, then you have more of a long cord? A cable of 7.5 meters. Some vacuum cleaners have cords of 10 meters but are slightly more expensive. Cheap vacuum cleaners sometimes have a wire of 4.5 meters. Note that the range is the distance from the outlet to suction nozzle of the vacuum cleaner. Therefore, the radius of action is always greater than the length of the cord. Roll the wire always really matter anyway to avoid overheating and fire risk.


How many liters of dirt fits in the bag? Usually the contents of a vacuum cleaner 3 to 5 liters. Small vacuum cleaners are naturally lower content and must change or be emptied the faster bag. It is useful if there is an indicator is present to show how the bag is full.


Do you have a soundless vacuum if he makes 78 dB sound? Look on the label how many dB of noise comes out while vacuuming.


Can you adjust the tube to your length or fixed length? The tube is S-shaped, and you can easily get under your furniture? Also if you can park on the vacuum cleaner, you do not ever put him into anything or lay on the ground the pipe.


What guarantee does the vacuum cleaner, whatever it takes to conclude an additional warranty?

First aid for vacuum problems

Within no time the whole house is clean, what would we do without? But sometimes, just sometimes, also has this sidekick cures in the household. Flair gives hints more sanitary problems!

Smelly vacuum cleaner

Vacuums can start to smell musty or dirty after a while. First, replace the bag. You can also easily grate a bar of soap and the shavings on vacuuming. A sweet scented detergent powder can. You can suck, but you can also throw directly into the bag.

The floor sanding

Vacuum no particulate matter, such as building material. This causes your filter clogged and overloaded the motor. It is also unwise to cleaning in barns or garages because these floors sometimes contain coarse stones. If these linger in the bristles, it can significantly damage your living room floor.

Vacuum cleaner sucks no more

It is important to keep clean the filter and the bag of the vacuum cleaner. It is best to replace the pocket often, but it is not cheap. Look or sells its brand more inexpensive vacuum cleaner bags, such as Hema and Blokker. Often this is cheaper than the brand of your vacuum cleaner.

Linen bag

You can also purchase a laundry bag. These can unzip and empty the trash. Also useful if you have extracted something that was not the intention!

Check the tube and rod

Before you buy the new bag to the tube and the rod. Which can also be filthy? You can easily wash it with warm water. After rinsing of the rod and tube, it is important to leave the excellent drying. The rod can inject this with a moisture remover.

Do you have a useful tip? Let us know!


A bagless vacuum cleaner is a godsend if you do not like to purchase vacuum cleaner bags and moreover does not lose suction power. Observe also buy other things like amount of noise and the length of the cord.

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