Tips for perfect hair removal by epilator

Far from the myths that say it is extremely painful, waxing is quick, convenient, safe and leaves excellent results without affecting our skin. What it is, how it is performed and tips to optimize its effects with the best epilator
Waxing is basically tries to pull hair from the follicle below the skin surface. This is done by applying a layer of melted wax and is expected to harden. Then taken out with a quick jerk and in the opposite direction of hair growth, pulling it out from the root. The first few times is performed can be painful, but these discomforts are decreasing when done on a regular basis.

The skin temperature is 37, therefore the wax can not exceed 42 °. Given that the wax is melted at 55 °, always must be cooled a little.

The recommended for optimal removal rate is three weeks or once a month, taking into account the type of hair every woman. After the transaction, the ideal is to avoid sun exposure, at least within the first 12 hours. It is normal that the depilated area is red, that small dots or strokes, which should disappear within a few hours to appear.

It is recommended that those who have diseases like diabetes or any circulatory problem not perform this type of hair removal.

When we go to plucking, we should note that spaces are fit and the elements used, properly sanitized.

10 tips to optimize results

● To Make a good depilation should consider the optimal condition of the wax and its temperature, as well as the direction of the hair and skin texture.

● Your skin should be clean and dry. It’s not advisable to shave after exposure to the sun, at least 24 hours before.

● For Sensitive skin, ideally waxing aloe vera, which has a low melting point and allows for a gentler epilation.

● If you do it regularly, the hair becomes weaker and decreases in amount and thickness over time.

● It’s advisable to shave with a frequency of 15 to 20 days, depending on hair growth.

● The Waxing leaves skin feeling much softer than if we use the little machine. No use oily lotion or cream before shaving. A good hydration is essential after waxing for the skin to recover.

● For Best results, 4 or 5 days before shaving, exfoliate the skin.

● The Waxing requires a technique that must be learned to prevent the skin is injured or for any ingrown hair and produce an infection.

5 tips for a perfect intimate waxing

Perhaps this question is too personal, but are you thinking about getting intimate waxing and you have no idea how to do? Do not hesitate to follow these beauty tips to achieve perfect results with the least pain and possible complications.

So you’re ready for a date with your partner or a day at the beach with your friends.

# 5 How depilatory or shaving?

Overall though depilatory hurt, it is better to shave. Why? Because it removes hair from the root, not only delaying its appearance but also making it more smooth and fine then, avoiding itching and discomfort.

In addition, fewer risks are run cut and finish is better and much smoother.

# 4 Type of depilation

There are different ways to wax the intimate area: from a comprehensive shaved and sometimes painful-that can be problematic for health- issues to simply pluck English.

In general, Brazilian wax, which removes the front, sides and back, leaving just a small strip of pubic hair is used.

# 3 Preparing the skin

We recommend that you prepare your skin before shaving. How? The day before, with the area well exfoliates gently, it is a delicately area with a soft scrub.

Avoid wearing the same day moisturizer.

# 2 pain

If this is the first time you’re going to shave and do not want to hurt, you can take some mild pain reliever an hour before. Note that may hurt a little, but it is the best way to start the hair root and the pain will disappear after the pull.

It is also important to know that can get a little blood, but if excessive bruising or then you have, you must pay attention and choose another method. Nor will follow if the pain is unbearable.

# 1 Post-depilated

What should you do after shaving? While the pain may disappear quickly, the area may be tender for a while. For this reason, it is advisable not to use exfoliants or other abrasive products in the next 48 hours and avoid sunbathing on a little strange-that area, but just want to have in the next 24 hours. If we have very red skin we can use a cortisone cream in the area.

Have you already tried to make the intimate hair removal? Do you prefer the Brazilian? Do you use wax or simply an electric machine? Tell us your experience on the subject and all questions you may have, we will be happy to answer.

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