What is the best earbud under 50 dollars?

Nowadays, the demand of enjoining film, music, game and other high-tech entertainment, earbuds have been becoming one of the most popular devices which appears every where such as streets, parks, schools and internet rooms or so on. However, using earbuds also have a great effect on our health. That is a reason why we must find the best earbuds which are not harmful to our body. How to find a quality but cheap products? This article will give you the best earbuds under 50 dollars.

1. SoundMAGIC E10
These earbud are one of the noise isolating in-ear earphone, so the noise from outside can not bother you when using this product. Despite its price, the quality of the device is very excellent with a strong design. This product is durable so that you can use it for a long time. Besides, the package includes is rich in accessories which support you during using progress. Another plus of this product is its comfort. They do not cause the pain. However, the products do not provide the micro so that you can make a call with this product.

2. Shure SE112-GR
Shure SE112-GR also has some features of a sound isolating earphones with single dynamic Microdrive. Therefore, no voice can come to your ears when you use this product. Besides, with a strong sturdy cord, you do not worry about the tangle situation. This products not only provide a good quality but also bring the feeling of comfortable with various sized tips the right fit. However, like above product, they do not have micro, so you can not make a call. Moreover, the cord hangs over the ear which creates some trouble and inconvenience for users.

3. Symphonized NRG 2.0
.This earphone is a Premium Genuine Wood In-ear Noise-isolating Headphones. The outstanding feature of this earphone is its design. They are made with a wood housing which creates for them a eye-catching looking. Thank to this housing, the devices offer great bass and acoustics. Besides, with silicone ear tips, users can feel comfortable without pain or heat. The cord of the earphones is not tangle, you never spend your time to solve the massive cord like other kinds. A better feature of this product compared to Shure SE112-GR, SoundMAGIC E10 is that they have a micro. Therefore, it is quite convenient for you to chatting with friends. There is a small problem with this earphone is the stethoscope effect. It is so small and does not clear for you.

4. Sennheiser MM30i Headphones.
The products have micro, volume, track skipping, answer/end phone call controls. Therefore, it is very convenient for you to use. Besides, an indispensable feature is noise isolation. The earphone can remove all the noise from outside and protect your ear from high volume. With different sized tips, the earphones fit our ear and make us comfortable. However, the control panel makes they are heavier. Anyway, this is still a good product for you.

5. Razer Hammerhead
This is an in-ear PC and Music Headset. With the aluminium housing, these earphones are quite light and convenient. They also have effective noise isolation, so you do not worry about the outside sound. They have great bass sound; you can feel that clear when using this product. They also have many tips which make sure they fit with your ear. The product is suitable for play game. That why they are becoming a favourite item in the pocket of gamers. However, they do not have micro which creates some inconvenience, and the Bass can at times overpower mids and highs.

In conclusion, these are four quality and cheap headphones that we want to introduce to you. Hope with this suggestion; you can choose for yourself a suitable product which is high quality and friendly with your pocket.

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