What Is The Best Acoustic Guitar For Buying?

The guitars usually have six strings, which are classified as a string musical instrument, are divided into various types. And, one of them is an acoustic guitar that produces sound acoustically by transmitting the vibration in the air. If you are planning to buy a guitar that can help you in your practice, jamming or recording songs but you only have USD 500 in your budget, this article will provide more helpful information for you to find out the best acoustic guitar under $500. Here is a list of top 3 products that meet all of your demands.

1. Seagull S6 Original
The S6 is regarded as one of the best products for beginner guitars in the market because of its simplicity and outstanding sound quality. This instrument is designed with cherry wood for the side and back as well as rosewood for the fingerboard. Besides, the top of the guitar is built with cedar and the neck is covered with maple. Moreover, the lacquer layer will keep the appearance beautiful for a long time. All of the above makes a perfect guitar.
One of the outstanding features of S6 what makes it better than its competitors is the quality sound that S6 produces. Thanks to the composition, the guitar gives you a warm and detailed tone, even a full-range tone, which is great for all styles of music. The Seagull S6 Original has a slightly larger nut width than the standard guitar, which makes this guitar great for players with large hands as well as someone who plays finger style.
It is no doubt that Seagull S6 Original is an affordable guitar with great features. The S6 gives the players the opportunity to experience the great feel and superb sound that they can produce by themselves.

2. Takamine GD30CE-NAT Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Natural
Takamine is the best guitar with the low price, which is known for their absolute craftsmanship toward their guitars. The premium woods and materials are used to design the whole guitar so that the tone and sound quality of Takamine GD30CE-NAT are considered as being top-notch. With mahogany, the guitar’s back and sides become durable. Furthermore, the Takamine GD30CE-NAT is made of solid spruce wood for the top and rosewood for the fingerboard and bridge. The slim neck is also made of mahogany that makes the guitar perfect for people with small hands.

Another feature that makes most players love the Takamine is that it comes with a built-in tuner with three-band EQ and gain controls. Thus, it is very easy to play and adjust with perfect accuracy. Plus, because this is Acoustic-Electric Guitar, the battery is always attached to the package. Hence, the changing of batteries is quick and convenient, which partly saves your battery.
Takamine GD30CE-NAT is the combination of excellent design, the tuners, which makes an amazing sound including the warmth, brightness, tone, and resonance.

3. Takamine GD30CE-12NAT Dreadnought 12-String Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar
Again, another Takamine guitar is mentioned in this list because of the excellent quality of the guitar’s brand. Takamine GD30CE-12NAT uses the same wood materials in design. Besides, the guitar is equipped with the same electronics, which also consists of a built-in tuner with three-band EQ and gain controls like the other guitars of the Takamine.

However, these two types of guitar surely have differences, and one of them is the two-piece saddle that works perfectly and supports to the guitar better intonation. Plus, it can quickly achieve full and deep bass. This feature is truly the most excellent for a musical instrument.

On the other hand, the auto-off feature of the tuners comes handily, which not only saves the battery life of the guitar but also gives the player the most convenience whenever using. And, the GD30CE-12NAT is durable enough to stay with you for a long time. This guitar will accompany you in each practice time and until when you reach the stage.
If you want to own a good guitar with a low price, three acoustic guitars above have all the right design as well as best sound quality that you can expect for its price and more.

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