Using a Pillow Properly to Avoid Illness

Using a pillow properly not only helps you to have a deep sleep, but also is goo for your health. In contrast, an unsuitable pillow can make you unable to sleep or extremely tired after waking up. The article below will give you valuable advice to¬†best pillow for a good night’s sleep.

Using a Pillow Properly to Avoid Illness2

The harmful effect of improper use of the pillow

If you go to bed with a high pillow, you will be vulnerable torticollis, hunchback, even cervical spine disease. However, if your pillow is too low, the blood volume flows to the brain is too high leading to the risk of blood vessel congestion, causing swelling of the face. Besides, your eyelids will be swollen when waking up as well.

According to health experts, a suitable pillow is a crucial factor in getting good sleep. You should choose a pillow as following standards: from 8 to 15 centimeters in width and about 60 centimeters in length. When sleeping, let’s be sure to place the pillow under the nape of your neck, do not put your shoulders on the pillow. Because this will makes your head lose balance, which causes shortness of breath.

Moreover, the pillow should not be too hard or too soft. If the pillow is too hard, it will put pressure on the nerve at the nape of the neck, causing numbness and pain. This not only affects the blood circulation to the brain but also causes ischemia. If the pillow is too soft, when you lie on your side, your head will sink deeper into the pillow, affecting your breathing.

Using a Pillow Properly to Avoid Illness1

People who lie on their backs should choose a low or medium pillow, which can be slightly concave in the middle. Someone who prefers to lie on their shoulders should choose a pillow that is thick enough in order to keep the neck stable and comfortable. If you usually lie on your side, you should not use a flat pillow, as it will cause your neck to lose its balance.

For example, some people have a habit of using large pillows as they sleep because they lie on their side. This is a very dangerous habit, which causes the degeneration of the vertebrae. The symptoms of this disease are numbness, pain, dizziness, nausea, tachycardia causing discomfort feeling as well as difficulty falling asleep;.

Besides, people who have a habit of lying down when sleeping should choose a very thin pillow or can lie on the mattress without pillows. Many people make the mistake of choosing the pillow too high because it will make your neck seem to bend, which is very uncomfortable.

Especially for the elderly, if the pillow is too high, when they lie on their back, the head will bend forward. While lying on the side, one side of their neck will be stretched, quickly leading to the crooked neck.

However, we should not sleep without a pillow as well. Using a too low or not pillow can make the amount of blood accumulate in the brain, which is too much and causes blood vessel congestion, swelling of the face, and feeling dizziness after waking up. Also, when you do not use a pillow, your neck will bend slightly backward, which in the long run will cause the neck to contract. Besides, your bone in the neck will be affected as well.

Using a Pillow Properly to Avoid Illness

The bad habits when sleeping

In particular, some people often have the habit of using their hands as a pillow when sleeping. This position is very dangerous because the nerves in hand will be pinched, affecting the blood circulation, causing numbness, aches, and tiredness. Grinding teeth when sleeping hurts the teeth. Breathing by mouth causes the poison to enter the body, causing the flu, bad breath or allergy. We hope the post above will be helpful for you and please search on the Internet for more information.

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