Tips to put a movie on iPad

Following the list of the best streaming apps for iPad, find tips to put HD movies on iPad.
How to put a movie on iPad? How do I view a movie on my iPad? How to copy movies to iPad?
Solutions to put a movie on iPad

To put a movie on iPad, you have the choice between several solutions:
– Use iTunes software to copy a movie from a computer
– Rent or buy a movie from iTunes Store on iPad
– Watch streaming movies on the iPad without downloading them

1. Put a movie on iPad with iTunes
One solution to put a movie on iPad is to transfer its movies by synchronizing your computer and the iPad using the iTunes software.
Here is the link to install iTunes on PC or Mac:
To put a movie on iPad with iTunes:
1. Connect the iPad to your computer and open iTunes (if it did not open automatically).
2. In iTunes, go to File> Add to Library, then select your movie.
3. The video must be in your iTunes library in Movies.
4. Then you can sync your iPad with iTunes.
5. Play the movie on the iPad. To see the movie, Touch Videos and tap a category of videos.
Movies take a lot of space on iPad. To delete a movie, tap and hold a video in the video list until the delete button appears, then touch X.
2. Put a movie on iPad with iTunes Store
The second solution to put a movie on iPad is to buy or rent movies using the iTunes Store.

On the iPad, you can buy or rent movies in HD if you have an iTunes account. The interest is to be able to watch a movie or TV series simply and easily on iPad. With this solution, there is no longer any need to store movies on a hard drive and movies are available at any time.
To put a movie on iPad from iTunes, here is the ranking of the best iTunes movies of the moment:
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3. Put a movie on iPad with streaming apps

The third solution to put a movie on iPad is to use a streaming application. These apps sometimes work with a monthly subscription. The advantage is not to clutter the disk space of the iPad with very large files that represent the films.
CANALPLAY, Movies, series and cartoons streaming and download
Developer: CANALPLAY
Price: Free +
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Links: → Visit the shop → Google search
Other apps allow “streaming” movies that are on a computer or hard drive to its iPad via Wifi.
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Links: → Visit the shop → Google search
How to watch videos in HD quality
On Netflix, the quality of the video automatically adapts to the bandwidth during playback. A practical function. But sometimes it happens that one looks at a series or a film, but that the quality of the images deteriorates. And in France, ISPs do not currently offer a very high rate to watch Netflix.
We’ll show you how to keep Netflix videos with the best HD quality.
1. Open flow management
To manually change the playback quality you need, use the Shift + Ctrl + Alt + S keyboard shortcut to open the stream manager.

Netflix: Tastenkombination zum Öffnen Streaming-ManagersPress Shift + Ctrl + Alt + S to open the stream manager
2. Manually set the playback quality
Now, in the feed manager, click Manual Selection, and then click the desired playback quality. With an ADSL line with a bandwidth of 6 Mbps or more, you can easily select the buffer with the highest quality level of 3000.
After making your selection, click Apply and close the Flow Manager by clicking on the X in the top corner of the window.
3. Netflix movies and series in HD quality!
If you have followed the previous steps, you can enjoy Netflix in HD. The difference in video quality can be enormous.
Netflix: Vergleich der Video-Qualität A video quality comparison: from 3000 Kbit / s up to 275 Kbit / s.
Feel free to test several levels to adjust your buffer to the Internet speed available on your device. Attention also in mobility situation, the quality of viewing Netflix can change radically if you move.

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