02 Rules to choose your mattress !

Finding the mattress of your dreams is easy! Should we prefer a mattress with springs, latex, foam or even wool? ghostbed vs leesa? Which one to choose? How important is the suspension and the packing? Between criteria to take into account and expert advice of bedding, here are the 4 rules to follow to choose your mattress and change your life … at night.

Waking up in shape, it starts with a good mattress! If the quality of the sleep depends on the quality of the mattress, the quality of the mattress depends on its manufacture. Spring mattresses, foam mattresses, latex or even wool, which technology to prefer and how to find one? With these expert bedding tips and these 2 rules to follow to properly choose your mattress, sleeping well is no longer a dream!

Rule # 1: Filling, betting on natural materials to be sure to choose your mattress without getting it wrong
The mattress’s padding makes it possible to feel an immediate comfort when lying down: this is what is called reception.

It is not an element of support in contrast to suspension, it is an element of comfort that is determined according to the quality and quantity of the materials used as explained by Christine PĂ©jaudier, general manager of the bedding specialist The National Bed: “The thicker the padding is made of different and noble materials, the better the mattress. The synthetic materials are to be banished because they are too transpiring and the mattress quickly becomes a nest of molds and mites It is necessary to give preference to natural materials such as wool, which, thanks to its thermoregulatory properties, always keeps the mattress at a good temperature, for example on the wool the mattress is never cold. Adjust the temperature to adjust its comfort and warm the mattress.

The sleeper only has to sleep.

For a quality sleep, one can also bet without mistake on natural materials such as cotton whose hydrophilic qualities favor the absorption of moisture, flax known since the highest antiquity for its resistance and freshness it Provides, or even silk, another thermoregulatory material that brings heat in winter and freshness in summer. Some mattresses go even further with a winter face on which has been added a layer of wool, always on the side where the manufacturer’s label is, to retain heat, and one side to promote the evacuation of ‘humidity. Knowing finally that the removable mattress is the ultimate in terms of hygiene.

Rule 2: the suspension, well define the use to choose his mattress without mistaking

Whether for everyday use or for a one-time use, such as in a guest room, you do not choose your mattress in the same way. There are three types of suspensions, also known as the core of the mattress, each having its own particularities.

Not recommended in wet rooms, foam, polyurethane or polyurethane mattresses, are not intended for daily or intensive use. Low firmness, limited comfort, and reduced life expectancy, the advantage of foam mattresses is reflected mainly in their affordable prices. As for memory foam mattresses, if they fit better than a polyurethane foam, they tend to widen over time because they do not have the resilience capability to return to their original position.

The latex mattresses, to be preferred in natural latex because they are hypoallergenic, offer non-negligible advantages: firmness combined with softness thanks to the various zones of comfort, longevity and aeration thanks to the alveoli for a healthy, supple and indeformable mattress. Each manufacturer has developed a technology associated with latex with specific characteristics, such as a supply of material for specific support of each part of the body or differentiated support zones for a total adaptation to the weight and an optimal maintenance of the spine. To be defined according to personal feelings and expectations.

Although they have in common a good ventilation, the interest of the spring mattress varies according to the quality of the technology used. According to Vincent Ballestrat, director of Lusseo, traditional springs have gradually given way to multispire springs, consisting of a single steel wire for homogeneous support but with no sleeping independence, and pocket springs that have Preference: “With the technology of pocket springs, the mattress adapts to the body and to all jigs. Each spring is independent and wrapped in an individual bag, which also optimizes the free circulation of air for better ventilation And therefore a good hygiene of the bedding Each part of the body is supported independently The pressure is exerted only on the springs where it is positioned, which brings a great comfort and a perfect independence of coating when the ” You sleep in pairs because you do not feel the movements of the person sleeping next to you, and the spine is still straight because it allows the body to adopt Natural positions “.

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